Blanche Cybele Derby

Teaching experience:  Over 45 years
Primary region:  Massachusetts (New England)


Website: Edible Wild Plants

Edible Wild Plants websiteWebsite page includes:

  • Books and DVDs written by Blanche Cybele Derby–with description and ordering information
  • Schedule of upcoming walks and talks
  • Links to other useful resources


Edible Plants

Edible Plants video channelReview:   Derby has created excellent videos on edible plants.  Many of the uploaded videos on her YouTube channel are taken from her set of three DVDs (arranged by season).  The videos contain precise information including how to identify the plant, the best way to prepare it successfully for cooking, and recipes which highlight the plant.  Each relatively short video is narrated by Derby in a clear, well-paced tone.  The visuals are carefully shot and easy to watch.

Available from: Edible Plants (YouTube) video channel

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