Introduction to “How to Identify Wildflowers”

Once upon a time . . .  and not so very long ago . . .

. . . there was a woman who loved wildflowers.  She also had a passion to learn about herbs and how to make medicine with them.  With no mentor in sight and a strong desire to learn, she avidly searched through the few photographic wildflower field guides she owned.

Not surprisingly, the field guides frequently could not help her learn a wildflower’s name.  She didn’t know if the wildflower was not in the field guide — or if she simply couldn’t recognize it when she saw its picture.

So off she went . . .  looking on the Internet for the wildflowers which grew around her.  Internet searches presented even more of a challenge when she sought the wildflowers’ names.

Totally frustrated . . .  yet totally determined . . .  she slowly worked out a method to help her identify the wildflowers.  She noticed that those herbs she wanted to learn about — also had flowers.  The herbs were wildflowers, too!

As the woman mastered the skills she needed to identify wildflowers, she realized she could share this knowledge with friends.  This woman knew she was an “awesome teacher.”  So she decided to broaden her sharing to be able to teach people around the world about identifying wildflowers (and herbs . . .  and edible wild plants).

Thus, the idea for an Internet-based course was born.  The woman utilized her many talents with organization, education, graphic design and computers to create an on-line learning experience which she offered to people everywhere.


(of her story)


(of your story)

Now you, too, can learn to master the skill of correct wildflower identification by studying with the help of the on-line course “How to Identify Wildflowers.”

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