Mountain bellwort (Uvularia puberula)

Mountain bellwortWith its glossy green leaves in summer, Mountain bellwort (Uvularia puberla) blends into the forest floor.  It is most visible during spring when its pale yellow bell-like blossoms appear.

Mountain bellwortYou can find Mountain bellwort blooming in mountain regions of states in the eastern part of the U.S.

Mountain bellwortThe fertilized ovary develops into a triangular shaped seed capsule.  Initially green (as shown in the first photo above), it turns brown as the seeds reach maturity.

Mountain bellwortSessile-leaved (or Sessile) bellwort (Uvularia sessilifolia)  can easily be confused with Mountain bellwort since both plants share so many identifying characteristics.  In fact, I mis-identified Mountain bellwort for years — as noted in this previous blog post.

To learn about identification characteristics for Mountain bellwort (Uvularia puberula) during various seasons of the year, to see some impressive photos of its small seeds, and to learn lots more intriguing information about the plant, watch this video:

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