Plant Discoveries

Plant Discoveries four coversOne of the most enjoyable methods for learning anything new is through a story.  After years of practice with identifying plants wherever I’ve lived, I have gathered plenty of personal stories about how I made those identifications.  Now I’m sharing my “plant discoveries,” and how I identified my “unknown” plants, with people like you who are intrigued by plants.

Each distinct ebook contains at least fifteen stories, supplemented with color photos, about plants — finding them, identifying them and discovering new things about them.  Since these four ebooks are in Adobe pdf format, they are filled with clickable links to video plant portraits and other sites.  Also, you’ll find some short embedded videos within each ebook.

Additional material includes a summary of lessons I learned about plant identification (experiences and lessons from which you might also benefit), a list of resources for identifying plants, and an index to plants (by both common names and scientific names) in all four books.

Each ebook may be purchased for $2.99.  Or acquire all four ebooks at the same time for only $9.99.

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To purchase multiple copies of the ebooks, or to purchase them as a gift, send an email to:  angelyn AT identifythatplant DOT com.

PD cover 1Plant Discoveries – Book One includes the following plants:

Red maple, Hearts-a-bustin, Fernleaf phacelia, Blue cohosh, Squawroot, Beechdrops, Indian tobacco, Milkweeds and more.

Purchase Book One for $2.99


PD cover 2Plant Discoveries – Book Two includes the following plants:

Blackberry, Orchids, American ginseng, Devil’s walking stick, Branch lettuce, Heal-all, Tall coneflower, Wild ginger and more.

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PD cover 3 Plant Discoveries – Book Three includes the following plants:

Green false hellebore, Hoary mountain mint, Elephant’s foot, Black cohosh, Mountain bellwort, Oxeye daisy, Venus’ pride, Wild comfrey and more.

Purchase Book Three for $2.99


PD cover 4Plant Discoveries – Book Four includes the following plants:

Great lobelia, Autumn olive, Indian pipe, Large whorled pogonia, Japanese knotweed, Purple flowering raspberry, Trilliums, Velvetleaf and more.

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Plant Discoveries four covers
Purchase all four ebooks for $9.99

To purchase multiple copies of the ebooks, or to purchase them as a gift, send an email to angelyn AT identifythatplant DOT com.

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