Venus’ looking glass (Triodanis perfoliata)

Venus' looking glassThe beautiful purple flowers of Venus’ looking glass (Triodanis perfoliata) catch the eye — even if they are quite small.  This annual plant grows throughout North America.  Let’s look at some of the growing phases of this plant.

Venus' looking glass

Flower buds develop at each leaf axil.

Venus' looking glass

A new flower’s petals begin to open.

Venus' looking glass

Fully open flower waits for a pollinator.

Venus' looking glass

Plant variations do occur. This flower has only four petals.

Venus' looking glass

Flower petals die after pollination.

Venus' looking glass

Seeds mature within the seed capsule.

Venus' looking glass

Seed capsules release their tiny seeds.

To learn more about Venus’ looking glass throughout its annual life cycle — and to see some great close-up images highlighting the plant’s flower buds, seed capsules and seeds — watch this video:


(Here’s the same video as posted on YouTube.)

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