Green Deane

Teaching experience:  Nearly 20 years
Primary region:  Florida and southeastern U.S.


Website: Eat the Weeds

Eat the Weeds websiteWebsite pages include:

  • Articles written by Green Deane
  • Schedule and locations of foraging classes
  • Archived articles (including newsletters)
  • Media section with links to YouTube videos and various radio podcasts
  • Foraging — with detailed instruction and description of Deane’s I.T.E.M. method
  • Forum
  • Search function for 1,000 (or so) wild edibles
  • Resource list of people (in North America and Europe) who teach about foraging

The link to the resource list of instructors is buried within the Foraging site page (and as a sub-tab of the Foragers tab on the menu bar).  To make it clear, that link is:


Eat the Weeds

Eat the Weeds video channelReview:  Having created well over 100 videos about edible plants (and other related topics), Green Deane has lots of experience with shooting videos outdoors (by himself – of himself).  Although the visual aspect can be a bit dizzying sometimes when the camera moves too fast, the information presented is detailed and worth the listen.  All this is spiked with Deane’s sense of humor and love of nature.

Available from: EatTheWeeds (YouTube) video channel

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