Videos of Identified Plants

I recommend occasionally searching the Internet for videos on plant identification.  You could even be specific in your search and look for videos about plants in your bioregion.  For example, here are three videos from different regions which I found especially well done and which you may find valuable as you practice identifying plants.

1.  Northeast Woodland Plant ID by Element Mountain

This is the first in a series of two videos which photographically illustrate plants in the Vermont woods during a spring rain. I enjoyed attempting to identify the plant prior to its name appearing on the screen. (The first three and a half minutes show two creatures rather than plants.)

2. Sonoran Desert Plants — Cactus Trees Shrubs of Arizona by WildOnTheGo

This video clearly illustrates a variety of plants from the Sonoran desert.  I learned some new things about these plants by watching this video.

3.  i for Identify Trees presented by Andrew Price for AZ Bushcraft

The trees identified in this video are located in Wales, U.K.  A large number of them are also common to forested areas of the U.S.  The trees are clearly photographed and, again, the narrator provides possible uses for each tree.

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