Here are some items — for purchase and for free — available to you from Identify that Plant.  Click on the name of the product to learn more about it.

To purchase multiple copies of a product, or to purchase it as a gift, send an email to angelyn AT identifythatplant DOT com.


Wildflower field guides

A Detailed Study of Keys Used in Field Guides

set of six videos plus bonus video




How to Identify Wildflowers

on-line course with seven modules plus bonuses




Plant Discoveries

four ebooks with stories about finding and identifying plants



Experience Nature through Your Food coverExperience Nature through Your Food

Although not specifically about identifying plants, this ebook was written by Angelyn Whitmeyer, creator of IdentifyThatPlant, and Claire Mandeville (creator of FoodForEarthlings).  It offers over three dozen “experiences” to help you explore the connection between nature (including plants) and food.



Introductory videos about plant identification

My Interest in Plant Identification

Benefits from Mastering the Skill of Plant Identification

Hazardous Plants to Identify and Know

Tools You Can Use to Identify Plants

Questions to Ask when Identifying Plants

Using Photography for Plant Identification

Using Keys to Identify Plants


Plant Portraits — video-based study of individual plant species

Visit the website page which lists all currently available video plant portraits.