John Kallas

Teaching experience:  Over 30 years
Primary region:  North America


Website:  Wild Food Adventures

Website pages include links to North American wild food events, prior newsletters for sale, Wild Food Primer booklet and Edible Wild Foods descriptive material, and a schedule of workshops conducted by Kallas (and others).


Edible Wild Plants

Written by John Kallas, PhD
Copyright 2010
Published by Gibbs Smith

Edible Wild PlantsContents include:

  • Part I:  Understanding Wild Foods
    • 1 Identifying and Enjoying Wild Foods
    • 2 What Is Edible?
    • 3 When Plant Parts Morph into Food
    • 4 Foraging Tools
  • Part II:  The Plants
  • Foundation Greens
    • 5 Wild Spinach
    • 6 Chickweed
    • 7 Mallow
    • 8 Purslane
  • Tart Greens
    • 9 Curly Dock
    • 10 Sheep Sorrel
    • 11 Wood Sorrel
  • Pungent Greens
    • 12 Field Mustard
    • 13 Wintercress
    • 14 Garlic Mustard
    • 15 Shepherd’s Purse
  • Bitter Greens
    • 16 Dandelion
    • 17 Cat’s Ear
    • 18 Sow thistle
    • 19 Nipplewort
  • Part III:  The Potential of Wild Foods
    • 20 Why Eat Wild Foods?
    • 21 The Nutrition of Wild Foods
    • 22 Oxalates & Nitrates
    • 23 Agriotrophytology
    • 24 Crafting a Wild Paradise
    • 25 Feeding Yourself and Society

Review:   Designed to be the first in a series of books on “Wild Foods from Dirt to Plate,” Edible Wild Plants focuses on plants found throughout North America.  The introductory material is filled with practical tips which can lead to a successful foraging experience.  The useful detailed photos complement the lengthy plant chapters and illustrate key points made by Kallas about the plant in its stages of growth, how to harvest which part of the plant, and his recommended food preparation methods.  Recipes can be found throughout the book.

Available from:  Gibbs Smith, bookstores and online bookstores.

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