Photos on Facebook – December 2015

Did you correctly identify the plant in the photo (as shown on the Identify That Plant’s Facebook page)?

Click the miniature version of the photo shown here to see a full-size image of the plant in detail.


SnowdropDecember 23, 2015


(Galanthus nivalis)


Sheep sorrelDecember 21, 2015

Sheep sorrel

(Rumex acetosella)


Red cloverDecember 18, 2015

Red clover

(Trifolium pratense)


Hearts-a-bustinDecember 16, 2015


(Euonymus americanus)


Angelina stonecropDecember 14, 2015

Angelina stonecrop

(Sedum rupestre ‘Angelina’)


HelleboreDecember 11, 2015


(Helleborus sp.)


Japanese honeysuckleDecember 9, 2015

Japanese honeysuckle

(Lonicera japonica)


Carolina allspiceDecember 7, 2015

Carolina allspice

(Calycanthus floridus)


WintergreenDecember 4, 2015


(Gaultheria procumbens)


Virgin's bowerDecember 2, 2015

Virgin’s bower

(Clematis virginiana)