Photos on Facebook – May 2011

Did you correctly identify the plant in the photo (as shown on the Identify That Plant’s Facebook page)?

Click the miniature version of the photo shown here to see a full-size image of the plant in stunning detail.


Wild yamMay 31, 2011

Wild yam

(Dioscorea villosa)


StonecropMay 30, 2011


(Sedum ternatum)


StonecropMay 29, 2011


(Sedum ternatum)


Red cloverMay 27, 2011

Red clover

(Trifolium pratense)


Mountain laurelMay 26, 2011

Mountain laurel

(Kalmia latifolia)


BloodrootMay 24, 2011


(Sanguinaria canadensis)


Large-flowered bellwortMay 24, 2011

Large-flowered bellwort

(Uvularia grandifolia)


Orange flame azaleaMay 23, 2011

Orange flame azalea

(Rhododendron calendulaceum)