Mystery plant 074

This native plant grows throughout most of North America — preferring a damp environment.  When you can identify it, please leave a comment with its common and scientific names.  Also, share any personal reflections you may have about the plant.


Young leaves


Leaf arrangement


Beginning stage of inflorescence — from leaf node


Inflorescences and leaves




Blooming flowers in an inflorescence


Plant during fall season


ANSWER (subsequently added to this post to facilitate the “search” function for these images): False nettle (Boehmeria cylindrica)

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3 Responses to Mystery plant 074

  1. Josh Fecteau says:

    Could that be Small-spiked False Nettle (Boehmeria cylindrica)? I remember noticing this plant growing on the edge of a small stream in Plainville, MA. At first, I thought I’d found Stinging Nettle, but some trusty field guides changed my mind.

  2. Sara says:

    false nettle: Boehmeria. grows along the lake near my kids’ summer camp.

  3. Angelyn says:

    Josh and Sara are correct that this plant is Boehmeria cylindrica which has the common name of False nettle. The leaves look so much like Stinging nettle or Wood nettle and yet this plant does not “sting.” Also, the many round inflorescences along the stalks are a give-away that this is False nettle. I, too, have found this plant growing along a creek or in very wet soil.

    Check out this post for a comparison of False nettle with three other plants:

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