Fire pink (Silene virginica)

Fire pinkWhen the leaves of Fire pink (Silene virginica) emerge in the spring, the plant is unremarkable in appearance.  However, when it begins to bloom, the bright red flowers grab the eye and shout “Look at me!”

This next photo shows the flower with dark pollen sprinkled over the flower’s five notched petals.

Fire pinkLeaves grow both at the base of the plant and along its flower stem.  Those along the stem are narrow and the leaves closest to the flowers are shorter than those further down the stem.

Fire pinkHere’s a view of developing Fire pink seed capsules.

Fire pink

Watch this video to see which parts of Fire pink (Silene virginica) are covered with sticky hairs and why it is called a “catchfly” plant, to learn whether it is an upright or a sprawling plant, and to see the size and shape of its seeds.

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