Mystery plant 047

This woodland plant can be found in mostly southern and eastern states within the U.S.  When you can identify it, leave a comment with the common name, scientific name and any personal story or connection you have with the plant.


Leaves in late winter / early spring


Mature plant


Buds and flowers in inflorescence


Flowers with protruding stamens


Flower sepals and hairy stem


Flower ovaries (left) and open flowers (right)


ANSWER (subsequently added to this post to facilitate the “search” function for these images): Fernleaf phacelia (Phalecia bipinnatifida)

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3 Responses to Mystery plant 047

  1. Evan says:

    fernleaf/cutleaf/divided-leaf/purple/forest phacelia (Phacelia bipinnatifida)

  2. Pamela S Wagner says:

    Purple Waterleaf (hydrophyllaceae) Waterleaf family
    Phacelia bipinnatifida

  3. Angelyn says:

    Yes, this is Fernleaf phacelia (Phacelia bipinnatifida). As Evan noted above, it has quite a few common names. And as Pamela remarked, it is a member of the Waterleaf family. It took a couple years for me to recognize the plant during the winter season — when its leaves look so different from how they develop during the spring months. I enjoy the beautiful long-lasting purple flowers when they finally arrive after a long winter.

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