Mystery plant 049

This woodland plant can be found throughout central and eastern portions of North America. It blooms in mid-summer and develops traveling seeds soon thereafter.  When you can identify this plant, leave a comment with its common and scientific names.  Be sure to add any personal experience you’ve had with the plant.


Budding inflorescence and leaves


Group of plants




Closer view of individual flower


Plant developing seeds


Closer view of developing seed capsules


Seed capsules with sticky hooks to aid traveling


ANSWER (subsequently added to this post to facilitate the “search” function for these images): Enchanter’s nightshade (Circaea lutetiana)

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3 Responses to Mystery plant 049

  1. Jasmene says:

    Common name is Enchanter’s Nightshade, latin is circaea lutetiana

  2. Joyce Hochsprung says:

    Circaea lutetiana, Enchanter’s Nightshade

  3. Angelyn says:

    You are both correct. I appreciate Enchanter’s nightshade (Circaea lutetiana) for its delicate flower. It requires me to stop and look closely. Even the sticky seed capsules have their own beauty.

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