Identify that Plant

Southern harebell
When you’ve gone for a hike in the woods and discovered a beautiful flowering plant, have you ever wondered what it is called?

When you’ve visited a friend or vacationed in a new region, have you come across strange, unfamiliar plants and wondered about them?

American beech

When you’re driving to work and you look around while stopped at a traffic signal, have you noticed a tree in lovely fall color and wondered what tree that might be?

And have you then gone looking for the answer to your questions and been frustrated because you can’t figure it out?

I have! I’ve used field guides, Internet search engines, searches of podcasts, etc. to get my answers. In the process I found the information labeled as “plant identification” or “identify this plant” usually does not tell me HOW to identify a plant. It just shows me pictures of plants someone has identified without telling me how they figured that out.

I created Identify that Plant as a content-rich website to help you learn how to identify plants you find around you every day. The site features videocasts showing how to develop your plant identification skills, along with links to numerous resources and information to assist you in that process.

The biggest benefit I have received from learning how to identify plants is this:  I now feel quite safe in my home environment.  I know the plants I see every day where I live.  Maybe not all of them, but a whole lot more than I used to know.

002-eWhat excites me even more than knowing how to identify plants — and actually identifying them — is the opportunity to discover plants which have medicinal or edible value.  I love uncovering “treasure” around me.

You, too, can experience the confidence, delight and comfort in knowing how to identify plants where you live.  You can even become the plant expert among your friends.