Other resources

Identify that Plant carefully chooses its affiliate partners.  Our criteria for selection include:

  • relevancy to our core purpose
  • potential usefulness to you
  • personal experience with the organization or product

Our current affiliations include:

The key to survival is awareness: Kamana

Kamana — The Wilderness Awareness School created the Kamana program to teach people outdoor skills and how to be a naturalist.  The skills developed through the Kamana program complement and expand upon the skills you learn at Identify that Plant.

Wildcraft Board Game

LearningHerbs — The folks at LearningHerbs.com created this wonderful cooperative board game to help us learn and remember both medicinal and edible uses of plants. In addition, their site includes products and courses focussing on easy-to-learn ways to utilize herbs.

Hostgator affiliation

Hostgator — While providing excellent, inexpensive web hosting and support, Hostgator focuses on utilizing wind (with renewable energy credits) as a green energy power source.  [To see details about their green energy program, click on the Hostgator banner, then click on “Sitemap” at the bottom of their site.  Select “Hostgator has gone GREEN!” within the section “About the Company.”]