Dwarf crested iris (Iris cristata)

Dwarf crested irisDwarf crested iris (Iris cristata) is a native wildflower which blooms in the spring.  It grows in moist open woodlands in eastern and southern parts of the U.S.

The short plant — in comparison to most irises — grows about six inches tall when it’s blooming.  Later in the year, the leaves grow to about eight or nine inches high.

Dwarf crested irisHere’s a closer view of a group of flowers after a spring rain.

Dwarf crested irisAlthough the flowers are typically purple with white and yellow highlights on the sepals, Dwarf crested iris may grow flowers which are almost white.

Dwarf crested iris

Watch this video of one year in the life of Dwarf crested iris (Iris cristata) to learn about the equitant leaf arrangement, to see the petaloid style up close, and to discover why this dwarf iris is commonly referred to as “crested.”

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