Mystery plant 056

Although this plant is not native to North America, it has certainly become “naturalized” in many regions after escaping from garden cultivation.  When you recognize and can identify this plant, leave a comment below with its common and scientific names.  And share any personal story you may have about this plant.


Young plant


Developing flower buds


Flowers beginning to open within inflorescence




Inflorescences at top of plant


Stem and leaf node




ANSWER (subsequently added to this post to facilitate the “search” function for these images): Valerian (Valeriana officinalis)

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3 Responses to Mystery plant 056

  1. Josh Fecteau says:

    Oh, is this Valeriana officinalis, commonly referred to as Common Valerian? I recall finding huge stands of this plant flowering in parts of Down East Maine one summer while I passing through. Quite the sight!

  2. Joyce Hochsprung says:

    Valeriana officinalis, valerian.

  3. Angelyn says:

    Yes, indeed, this is Valerian (Valeriana officinalis). Josh, in addition to being an incredible sight when in full bloom, Valerian has a nice fragrance which fills the surrounding area for days.

    Also, my cats love the roots (and the soil in which the roots grew). They go crazy over Valerian and roll around in the dirt, or in the roots if I leave them within reach. It’s as good as Catnip to them.

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