Mystery plant 072

This woodland plant blooms in the spring throughout central and eastern North America.  When you can identify it, leave a comment with the common name and scientific name.  Also share any personal story you may have about this plant.




Plants with flower buds


Opening and closed flower buds




Plant with buds and flowers


Maturing seed pods


ANSWER (subsequently added to this post to facilitate the “search” function for these images): Cutleaf toothwort (Cardamine concatenata)

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6 Responses to Mystery plant 072

  1. Sara says:

    Cut-leaved toothwort. Cardamine concatenata. I keep seeing the leaves here in NJ, but none have bloomed yet.

  2. Teri Grout says:

    Looks like cut-leaved toothwort, Cardamine concatenata, one of our spring ephemerals. We’ll be looking for it as soon as the snow goes, which should happen in a few weeks here in the Upper Peninsula.

  3. Jasmene says:

    We have it all over too, cut leaved toothwort, cardamine concatenata

  4. Ann Walter-Fromson says:

    Indeed, this is Cut-leaf Toothwort, Cardamine concatenata. It bloomed several weeks ago in piedmont North Carolina. I visited one trail three times to see this plant in bloom — the first two times it had buds, but none were open. The third time (on April 3rd) was the charm!

  5. Dr R. K S. Rathore says:

    It is cardamine concatenata of family Brassicaceae (Cruciferae) with cross-shaped corolla and siliqua pod.

  6. Angelyn says:

    Yes, this is Cutleaf toothwort (Cardamine concatenata).

    And here’s another member of the Cardamine genus: Hairy bittercress (Cardamine hirsuta).

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