Mystery plant 087

This native plant is found primarily in the southeastern portion of the United States. It does grow a bit into Ohio and Pennsylvania. Found in wooded areas, it blooms in late summer. When you can identify the plant, leave a comment with its common name and scientific name. And share any story you may have about this plant.




Leaves – shape and arrangement


Stems and branching arrangement


Flower buds


Flower buds and flowers


Side view of flowers and arrangement


Close view of flower

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6 Responses to Mystery plant 087

  1. Joan says:

    Aureolaria flava (Smooth yellow false foxglove)

  2. Lesley Dell says:


  3. Evan says:

    Definitely Aureolaria. Short pedicels suggest A. laevigata (Appalachian oak-leech) to me, but hard to tell from pictures, and without a good look at some of the other characters.

  4. Angelyn says:

    Joan, you’re close. I believe Evan actually has the correct response. As best as I could identify the plant in the nearby woods, this is Appalachian oak leach (Aureolaria laevigata).

  5. Ramkishore Singh Rathore says:

    It is indeed Auriolaria laevigata of family Orobanchaceae.

  6. Cindy Ralston says:

    Downy Foxglove – I love seeing it at Sweetwater Creek State Park each year.

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