Mystery plant 017

This is a common (and native) plant throughout most of the North American continent.  As you scroll down through the images, see just which image is the one which gives you the “ah-ha” moment as to which plant this is.  When you know the name of the plant, please give both its common and scientific names.  (You get a bonus point for the most accurate species name.)  Also, please share any personal stories you have about this plant.


Seed capsule


Open seed capsules–with and without seeds


Base of plant


Plant with open seed capsules






Group of plants


ANSWER (subsequently added to this post to facilitate the “search” function for these images):  Common violet (Viola sororia)

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3 Responses to Mystery plant 017

  1. Viola sororia 🙂 Ah ha came first picture. Our racing pigeons adore the seeds, in fact, will root out the whole plant:) thanks for the fun here:)

    • Angelyn says:

      That’s very cool, leslie. I never knew that a bird would eat the seeds. I’ve seen plants nibbled to nothing — presumably by the resident rabbits.

      And yes, this is the common violet (Viola sororia).

  2. Your pictures are most excellent, Angelyn! We didn’t know they particularly liked them either…until a few years ago. I started self studying herbal medicine about 5 years ago. Well violets can be food and medicine so I went around the yard and started transplanting the clumps of violets to a pavered path around our little pond. On my blog, on the right side, is a picture with the little pond and you will see it is ringed by greenery, the outside ring is violets:) Well, we would see the pigeons in the violets and just thought there was a little spider or something they were picking out, until suddenly two years ago, we caught them actually eating the plant! This year it escalated and they were actually rooting them out.. gobbling them down. We have been wondering if there is something nutritionally they are needing, and I have been trying to figure that out since! 🙂 We actually have a chicken wire on them now trying to keep the pigeons out, so I can continue to make violet jelly, and things from this one handy spot:) Have a beautiful day, Angelyn

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